There he is (Ideal boyfriend)

ideal boyfriend

He texts me today. My eyes are running over the screen and catching some keyword from his text. There is some negative word in his message. But I don’t even have a wrinkle on my forehead.

Cause I know he is not bringing me any headache. It must be a joke he is delivering, or something like that. So I swipe unlocked and read it more carefully. I was right. It’s just another joke.  Always funny and makes me laugh a lot.

When things are getting tense, I know he’ll just try to ease it as best as he can before he reveals them to me. He’ll make fun of all the troubles we may be facing, since all he wishes is to relieve my mind, not tearing my nerve. He would act like my smile is his sunshine that he would never let anything dim it.

When he texts, he brings up light-hearted spontaneous stories. To make this world less painful and brighter, since he knows life is hard enough for me, for him, for everyone. But at the same time, he doesn’t forget to pay attention to my emotions. He notices the lightest attitude change on my face and asks about it immediately.

When I am upset, he’s there, holding my hand, speaking nothing but feeling me and my pain. It seems that just by holding my hand, my mind has been tranferred to him and thus, he’s able to feel the same thing.

Having a special spirit, he is smart, creative, light-hearted and logical. He loves himself and appreciates me. He loves nature and is kind to everyone he meets, or animal. He’d rather be cute and super honest in front of me. Bare and raw.

Boy, don’t think that I am demanding. Because this can be me as well. I’ll be demanding on myself to be with you. Coz I know by the time I’ve ever got a chance to know you, I’d been traveling a hundred lives before.

Truc Vien, 24Mar2017

 Photo credit: Pinterest