The negative mind

fashion post

I wanted to share a whole world with you. Because you were just next to me and I though it would have been an entire waste if we weren’t sharing and enjoying the whole situation together. But, *alarming sound*, you didn’t have the same mindset with me. You buried youself with thoughts and insecurity… For me thoughts were nothing if you weren’t putting your mind into the joy with me, the joy of living. I know, everyone’s got their own hidden parts, worries and fears. Let me ease it, sympathize and get up and paint the world together. Just please don’t pull me down into your negative valleys. Don’t get angry, jealous and insecure that much. I’m kind and sensitive enough. As long as it’s me. (Lol)

Then I supposed I couldn’t share the world with you. I still attempted to share with you a forest, or maybe an ocean. You told me this country’s property is ugly and turned your back.

Coz we were still together, maybe until life tears us apart. I showed you the beauty of the flowers or a good books I read. You made a firewall and immediately doubted me.

So, OK. I kept sharing with you little beautiful things I saw daily, some really excited me. And you showed cold feelings and even more heart-breaking (nah im kidding) you made negative comments.

Until what I wanted to share with you was as small as an ant. And we knew we’d been the wrong gears ever since.

Well… Just be positive. Be a real human. Be lively. Because, there are times you’ll really need someone to share with you one day.

Truc Vien