There he is (Ideal boyfriend)

ideal boyfriend

He texts me today. My eyes are running over the screen and catching some keyword from his text. There is some negative word in his message. But I don’t even have a wrinkle on my forehead.

Cause I know he is not bringing me any headache. It must be a joke he is delivering, or something like that. So I swipe unlocked and read it more carefully. I was right. It’s just another joke.  Always funny and makes me laugh a lot.

When things are getting tense, I know he’ll just try to ease it as best as he can before he reveals them to me. He’ll make fun of all the troubles we may be facing, since all he wishes is to relieve my mind, not tearing my nerve. He would act like my smile is his sunshine that he would never let anything dim it.

When he texts, he brings up light-hearted spontaneous stories. To make this world less painful and brighter, since he knows life is hard enough for me, for him, for everyone. But at the same time, he doesn’t forget to pay attention to my emotions. He notices the lightest attitude change on my face and asks about it immediately.

When I am upset, he’s there, holding my hand, speaking nothing but feeling me and my pain. It seems that just by holding my hand, my mind has been tranferred to him and thus, he’s able to feel the same thing.

Having a special spirit, he is smart, creative, light-hearted and logical. He loves himself and appreciates me. He loves nature and is kind to everyone he meets, or animal. He’d rather be cute and super honest in front of me. Bare and raw.

Boy, don’t think that I am demanding. Because this can be me as well. I’ll be demanding on myself to be with you. Coz I know by the time I’ve ever got a chance to know you, I’d been traveling a hundred lives before.

Truc Vien, 24Mar2017

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Boy, can you do me a favor?

Can you do me a favor? By being that right guy.

Boy, noone enjoys breakup, even you (unless you were playing around). So be right from the beginning.

Boy, are you tired searching all your whole life for one woman who can go with you the rest? So be right as much as you can.

Do you feel that she’s just perfect for you? Or can be perfect for anyone as well? Just be right. She has no reason to stay with you if you are so wrong for her.

Do you want a right person for you? Be right. The wrong guy gets the wrong girl. Its just simply logical.

Do you want to enjoy eternal sweet happy moments with her? Be right and appropriate.

Do you want to go with her your long way ahead? Be right, be kind and compassionate.

Boy. Can you do me a favor? Don’t rush into a relationship if you are not going to learn how to love, appreciate your partner, not gonna be right, kind and patient.

Because, you’ll hurt people, or worse, hurt yourself.

Do me a favor, be the right one. 🍻

Do me a favor, let me fall in love with your personality.

TrucVien, 15Mar2017

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OK. Let’s make it straight to the point that last night I had the sweetest dream ever in my life. In my dream, I jumped into the best part of the relationship: He took me out for the shopping! Woohoo. So pitiful that was just a dream.

However, another most interesting part was that after shopping for a while, while carrying all my shopping bags, he asked us to stay for a short break, and he offered me to sit opposite to him instead of sitting on the same row like everyone would do, so that we can talk. He’s such a gentleman, from his appearance, his voice, his gesture to his conversation. I can still feel his warmth overwhelming me LOL. I know that sounds silly to tell a dream that was already passed for almost 12 hours and I feel that was even more emotional than a teenage girl.

However, in fact, there is something more important I’d like to tell… I didn’t know this kind of expectation has been rooting in my sub-conscience this far that my dream finally spilled it out perfectly and beautifully this way. The talk.  He asked me to talk, to share, and that where the connection between the two souls started to establish. He wanted to listen to me; he offered to know me; he’d like to touch my soul; he wished to feel me, feel what I actually thought. He was really honest of his desire to share, whatever between us. Another plus point is that his voice and body language were so so gentle. What on earth could a girl ask for more? I don’t know what else people would ask for more, I only know that’s too much for me. The rest of my life I am gonna live just for that. That kind of connection and understanding between the two different people who share their souls.

So bad that the most beautiful dream ended too fast, so now I need to be back to the reality and live it to the fullest, while hoping that one day, my dream-man would come. However, be cautious, this heart is very sensitive to the cheating and un-honest ones, so man, don’t try to hard.


I Want The Kind Of Love That Makes Me A Better Person — Thought Catalog

Everyone wants this but not everyone knows to set this criteria.

It’s over the time whe look for handsome guys, pretty girls, rich ones. Its soul connection and the posivity and happiness that a couple can bring to each other!

Keep it up, Thought Catolog!

Emily & Steve PhotographyI long for the love that is written about in novels with the pain, heart ache and happy ending. A love that is built on hardships and overcoming triumphs together. A love that is beautiful and real. A love that is passionate and honest, not a love that is easy and comfortable.…

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Date The Girl That Drives You Crazy

This post is beautiful. I couldn’t agree more.

“Unless it’s mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it’s a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love should not be one of them.” — Unknown

Just like the author, I will also freaking squeeze whoever came up with that line tooooooo.

Yesssssss. Date someone who you get crazy about. Love can’t be monotonous, can’t be plain, can’t be neutral. Let’s fight, let’s get annoyed, let’s laugh, let’s understand, let’s be compassionate. Life has so much crap, we don’t need a crappy love quality.

Read the following post I re blogged from Thought Catalog and tell me what you think!

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There’s an old quote that I completely love:

“Unless it’s mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it’s a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love should not be one of them.”

— Unknown

Yes. Yessss. I want to take whoever came up with that line and just freaking squeeze them. They understand. They get it. They know that life’s too dang short and we can’t settle for love that doesn’t make us feel something.

Love shouldn’t be mediocre.

It shouldn’t be boring, shouldn’t be blah, shouldn’t be monotonous, or going through the motions. Hell, love shouldn’t be easy. And I’ll stand by that.

Sure, falling in love should be easy. You fall for their smile, for their looks, for their touch, for the way their presence makes your heart literally bounce around in your chest.

But actual love is hard. It’s about choosing someone, day after day after day.

Choosing them, even through their b.s. and tears and full-blown screaming matches and random annoying things they do. Choosing them because no matter how angry you get, you literally cannot live without them in your life.

Love’s not supposed to be easy. It’s supposed to be about caring for someone, so much so, that you willingly fight through hell, together, so that you can always find your way back into each other’s arms.

That’s why I firmly believe that out of all the people in the world, you should date the girl that drives you crazy. Date the girl that makes you feel something.

The one whose yell makes you want to rip your hair out, whose tears make your stomach tie itself in knots. The one who makes you so physically mad you want to scream.

But also the one whose smile cannot help bring out yours, whose laugh brightens even your most bitter of days, whose touch sends electric shocks from your brain to your knees to your toes.

Love isn’t supposed to be about finding someone who fits perfectly with you, who calms and compliments you in every puzzle-piece, cookie-cutter type of way.

No. Love is meant to be two completely independent people somehow finding a way to mesh into one another’s lives. It’s supposed to be confusing and difficult. It’s supposed to be messy. It’s supposed to be real.

And it’s supposed to drive you completely crazy.

So crazy that you keep chasing after it, keep falling back into it, keep desiring the way your heart skips and your hands sweat and your mind spins after every kiss.

Don’t date the girl that’s one-dimensional and stoic. Don’t date the girl that says everything she’s supposed to, never fights with you, and always stands by your side quiet and unoriginal and boring. Don’t date the girl that doesn’t make your heart go absolutely nuts.

Because that’s not real love, and it won’t last.

Fall for the girl that drives you crazy.
Because I promise, she’s just as crazy about you.

via Date The Girl That Drives You Crazy — Thought Catalog