Quiet time [Fashion post]

quiet time

quiet time

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Quiet Times – Dido

Ask me where I go tonight I go back to today last year.
Me and you had to make each other happier, now there’s hope with everything.

Its hard enough to feel the world as it is and hold on anything.
Without these quiet times coming round here.

I’m gonna have to run away, I’m sure that I belong some other place.
I’ve seen another side of all I’ve seen it keeps me wondering where my family is.

It’s hard enough to see the world as it is, and hold on anything.
Without these quiet times coming round here.

Now I miss you…
Now I want you…
But I can’t have you…
Even when you’re here…

Suppose I have to take you with me, broken mind I’d rather leave you here.
To forget everything you’ve seen and known erase every idea.

And you walk up in the street, and hold my hand and smile.
Well, I won’t be taken in, cus I know how it turns out.
And it takes me back to these quiet times coming round here.

Now I miss you…
Now I want you…
You’re not coming back…
And I need you…
But I can’t have you…
Even when you’re here…

Now I miss you…
Now I want you…
You’re not coming back…
And I need you…
But I can’t have you…
Even when you’re here…

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Đây là post về fashion thứ 3 trong năm 2017 của mình. Lần này TV lại tiếp tục cổ suý phong trào vintage với đầm sơ mi màu xanh navy, nón vành rộng và túi mây nhỏ nhỏ xinh xinh. Đầm này nguyên thuỷ không có dây nịt thắt ngang eo, có thể mặc kiểu dáng suôn rộng thẳng xuống, nhưng TV thấy là có chiếc dây nịt thắt ngang nhìn sẽ đẹp hơn, có điểm nhấn và nhất là nhìn eo được nhỏ hơn. Các bạn có trao đổi thêm gì thì comment bên dưới cho TV nhé.

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Trúc Viên

quiet time

quiet timequiet timequiet time quiet timequiet time quiet timequiet timequiet timequiet time


My challenge – Day 7

Hi guys

So finally i went throught my own 7-day challenge. So happy about this. I skipped one day tho 😓 but i made up hehe.

I’m always into croptop, especially lately Ive been reduced a lot of tummy fat lolz. I thought of this whole look last night without trying on beforehand but it turned out to be my most OOTD in this whole challenge. Today is my good hair day actually, since last night I remembered to put olive oil onto it 🙌. And yesterday was my bad hair day in case you want to refer you could take a look here hehe.

The next challenge gonna be mix and match with one assigned item. Stay tune and hope you enjoy my photos!

Truc Vien (Cherrypie)

One week challenge – Day 5

Hi guys

Its my day 5 of my one week photo blogging challenge (OOTD). Today is jumpsuit and offshoulder top. Well, off shoulder top is still so hot till even now.

I shot these photos late afternoon today cos I had to find out how to copy photos from my iPhone to laptop. Hmm. Im defenitely no a tech person at all. Took me 2-3 hours to sink in that until my friend Andy the Savior randomly came online and rescued. What a good fate! Lovely life!

Hope you guys enjoy the photos. Ah, I made a short upclose video of my makeup as well. I tried new tips of makeup recently and found it works. These days are my best makeup days actually. The looks I created deliberately to be soft, not too much, I think it would be great for a dating session, since I know lots of men dont like much makeup on their partner.

Truc Vien (Cherrypie)

My challenge

Hi guys

I have to confess that im a lazy girl at heart. I was really excited with every kinds of new projects at first and very often, I ended up dropping them halfway. I hate that. So I decided to have some mini-er projects for myself and force me to do every day. I learn that I shouldnot go with those projects which I can forsee Im not going to handle very well. I guess this one gonna be a good and easy to handle one for me: One-week photo blogging challenge. Ive done this for 3 days. Really wanna keep it. Hope you guys enjoy.

Trúc Viên (Cherrypie)



Day3: copying style from Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl. An effortless look which I really love. Lately Im really obsessed with effortless style.


Reblog from thechrisellefactor.com

Trích nguồn từ thechrisellefactor.com – 5 bộ phim mà các tín đồ thời trang nên xem


Just like my list of 5 books every fashion girls should read, I’ve come up with a list of the 5 films every fashion girl should watch. Some are new, some are classics, but each one has an amazing story and are total inspirations! So whether you’re having a movie night at home with friends, or you need to kill some time on a long flight or road trip, I’ve got the perfect films for you!

1. The Intern

the-intern“You’re never wrong to do the right thing.”

Anne Hathaway stars as Jules Ostin the founder and president of “About The Fit” which is an online clothing site based in Brooklyn, New York. Not only is Jules in charge of 220 employees, but she has her own family at home. She thinks she can have it all, but the stress from investors and her husband may be overcoming her. When her company hires the 70-year-old intern Ben Whittaker, played by Robert De Niro, to assist Jules in the office, he helps Jules keep her center and calm and becomes a father-figure to the other employees in the office. This is a great film about following your passion and balancing a career and family!

2. The September Issue


“Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching because whatever you see can inspire you.”

This documentary, filmed in 2009, goes behind the scenes of American Vogue Magazine’s production of the 2007 September Issue. In the fashion industry, September is the start of a new year on the calendar. The film follows Vogue Editor and Chief Anna Winter and Creative Director at large Grace Coddington as photo shoots are planned, models are booked, and cuts are made. From inception to completion The September Issue really gives you an inside look at the hard work and dedication that is put into one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world.

3. Advanced Style


“I think it’s fun to dress up. It’s an exercise in creativity and it makes you feel better.”

Ari Seth Cohen, street-style photographer, and Lina Plioplyte, director, feature seven incredible women in the film Advance Style. New York City holds many of the world’s most fashionable men and women but not all of them are as young as you think. These seven women are all over 60 and obsessed with all things fashion. This film truly shows us that we get better with age! (Plus you can watch this on Netflix!)

4. Breakfast At Tiffany’s

breakfast-at-tiffanys-poster“Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot.”

Probably one of the most favorited films of all time, Oscar-winning Breakfast At Tiffany’s stars the beautiful and iconic Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly. Holly, the beautifully dressed society girl, falls for a young man Paul Varjak (George Peppard) who has moved into her NYC apartment building. The young and eccentric couple enjoy the New York scene while romance finds its way in. Add in some amazing jewelry, incredible hats, a cat named Cat, and you’ve got one of the most iconic films of all time.

5. Dior and I


“I want it to be dynamic, because I find women very dynamic.”

This is the inside story of Raf Simmons and his new position as Creative Director of Christian Dior fashion house. This film follows the 8 weeks Simmons had to create his entire (and first) collection for the House of Dior. With gorgeous dresses and an unprecedented look at the inner workings of one of the biggest names in fashion, Dior and I is a must see!

There you have it! My list of 5 films every fashion girl should watch. Did your favorite make the list? Do you have any films to add? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Tuesday everyone!


1st half of 2016 – A look back

So, we’ve officially moved to the 2nd half of 2016. I can’t even remember how I got through the 1st half, anyway, I’m not gonna try to remember since kind of believing I did it fine, and I have lost the interest to look back what  was done lols. Anyway, I guess I saved something, these fashion photos I’ve started re-blogging since last May. Today I would like to take a look back on those.

Truc Vien






A real boyfriend


Hi girls,

In my last post, I’ve shared some of my opinions about love criteria.  Today, I’d like to narrow it down to how a true boyfriend would look like when in love with you.

You know, love is a heart thing. If things don’t come from heart then it’s not love. A true boyfriend should love you by his heart. Otherwise, you guys are just wasting time.

As I say, a true boyfriend is whole-hearted. He’s honest and he does everything for you by heart (yes, I would keep repeating “heart” 100 times). If he knows that you are craving for a piece of tiramisu cake while it’s raining like dog and cat, nothing could stop his way to you with a box of cake on his hand. Since you know, he has his heart attached to you, lady.

A true boyfriend cares about you, even you very materialistic demands. As I just said, he may just care what you eat today, what time you go to bed, what are your favorite foods. Because, above all that, he does care about you with his HEART.

A true boyfriend should “feel” you. I mean he should knows all about you, even the badness. He doesn’t criticize, he will just simply laugh at it and plan to help you improve yourself.

A true boyfriend should want to make you happy. All the time. This sticks in his mind. Your being upset can hurt him. And a true boyfriend has thousands of nonsense stories just to cheer you up. He’s also likely to pull off the nonsense person inside you so that both of you could laugh about everything together.

A true boyfriend should love spending time with you. No doubt. If he doesn’t, you guys are just not the right people for each other. Spending time with you to him doesn’t need to be “doing something”, just simply lean over to each other, feel the hear-beat (did I go too far? haha), listen to music, read books, share some random thoughts, just softly and silently like that.

A true boyfriend would care about those who you love. He knows that making them happy is making you happy, he doesn’t mind going some extra miles just to see your smiles.

I’ve made some of my points here while hoping that I myself can meet some sort of true boyfriend one day :). What’s your opinion on this?





I heard that in the Bible, there is a line to the effect that if we want to reach Heaven, our souls should be like children’s ones.

A child’s soul. Innocent and carefree.

In fact, a lot of us just cannot have our souls that purified. We have so much judgement and prejudice deep within… We see people and the world through filters of prejudices. Our brains keep working constantly to label those prejudices on someone or something we met. Most of us would be proud that those labels should be right, just as how it was right… And never think twice… We don’t know that we have been so wrong. Things change, people do change, the whole universe change. Even a cell, the cell of the one minute later is one totally different from the one of the previous minute… Since the elements inside it do move which caused changes! Not to mention a whole human, a whole city, country or a whole race. Why must we need to label, then treating each others unfairly…? Labeling someone bad, we treat them badly. Labeling someone good, we give them love, respect and preference. For case 1, how many of us have done a poor judgement on people and regretted afterwards…? And have anyone realized that labeling don’t work all the time…? For case 2, have we ever treated someone so well that later on we realized they just don’t deserve any bit of our love, our respect? Prejudice is always dangerous. It does hurt ourselves and other people.

Lately I’ve tried my best to stay away from personal judgement and often take note to myself that being biased can just make us partially blind. However, unfortunately, prejudice is always way easier than a thorough investigation and compassion practice. Since it’s just right there to grab.

OK, too much of the headache things already, just want to share with you guys some photo-shoot throwback made in 2014, when I was still young and pretty and silly. Hehe. I guess next post I’m writing about traveling instead…



Healthy living

I have started living slowlier for a few months so far. Particularly, I quit work and working as a freelancer now, working on literally WHATEVER I LIKE, leisurely, and of course, I do blogging. Since then, I’ve got more time to read books, research on the subjects that I was dying to know, pay attentions to family members, friends, relationship as well as support them whenever they need my help, and last but not least, I’ve got some time to THINK. Consequently, the world seems slowlier than ever. We “sip” each other bit by bit. And these sips cannot be more interesting. I see the world, I see myself, to some certain level, which was hard to see when I was working my ass off at the office and come home damn late just to get the rest of the day done and to start another nasty morning hating getting back to work. Now I enjoy getting around Ho Chi Minh City on a bus or Uber/Grab taxi, seeing things on the road side with my eyes wide-open and having no fear of bike accidents, my mind is much free to wander, reckon. (I really wish that public transportation will soon be more popularly used in Vietnam, currently, lots of people stick to personal vehicle.) I’ve also got to walk more, and I do enjoy walking between to bus stations. I never know walking could be this comfy and regret that I took too long to realize bus is a very good option to travel around Sai Gon. Getting by  bus may cause some passivity and take a bit longer time, however, I don’t really mind, since I am the Queen of Time right now. OK I was far away from the healthy living topic. Thanks to the slow living, I have my brain “rested while working”, meaning letting it heading to a deeper level of everything (working-without rushing too much while seeing just the surface of problems like it did before), meanwhile it takes more time to rest thanks to our slowly lifestyle, I’ve actually felt so relaxed. And stress equals almost zero. Bye bye to stress and nightmares. We all know how stress is harmful to our physical body as well as our mind right? Accept it or not, we only need a happy life at the end of the day. Don’t believe that we just need to be happy, not rich or well-recognized or high social position? Watch this TED talk here about a longest study on happiness, at the old age, people don’t find that fame, hardworking-ness or wealth important, it’s happiness which needs to be considered as a top life goal. And the talk also reveals how to achieve happiness and healthier status (transcript here).

Do you want to slow down to achieve happier and healthier life?