I’m sorry for being rude

Hey dear,

I’m sorry for the time I was being rude. For the time I was totally insensitive to your sensitiveness.

I have become so sensitive to rudeness now, and certainly don’t feel comfortable at all being rude to. Then I’ve probably got how you felt…

I’m sorry that I didn’t touch your heart as much as I should have. I made you suffer in every bit every time we saw each other. Now I know every second we exist is precious and noone deserves tough time in this short and unpredictable lifetime. I’d better leave it if it’s a tough time for you or for me.

I also had failed in establishing a connection with your mind. And vice versa, you didn’t get into my mind properly either. We had stayed apart for so long ever since but we didn’t even know. Every weekend date didn’t make us closer any bit. We fell apart more and more, chasing our own minds, own paths without even glancing at each other’s, even when we were thinking we were close enough about the distance. We’d got high and low on our own, or we’d rather share it with people who knew about our things, either it was a friend or the siblings, sadly, not to each other.

We’d painfully learned a lot about that vast event. But I’ve never truly said sorry.

Forgive me, for a time being rude, silly and unconscious.

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