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I am a Vietnamese, called Trúc Viên, the owner of trucvienblog.com.

I’ve been obsessed with makeup in 2011 and later on, fashion in 2012 when I by chance saw Chiara Ferragni – an Italian fashion blogger – featuring her daily looks on Chicisimo. Subsequently, I followed some of the other bloggers and officially started digging deeper into those fashion bloggers things. I can’t tell how many fashion account I’ve been following now on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or personal blogs. I’ve never stopped thinking of having one blog of fashion and beauty for my own since then. And voilà, here it is. I actually set my first step on this blog in 2013, but I had too little time blogging after work. Since 2016 onward, I finally could have full time for it, 4 years since the day I have thoughts of running a blog. You know what, I wished I had been smart enough to do this earlier, my youth has gone somehow, anyway, I look more mature now which is another advantage (I hope).

So in this blog, trucvienblog.com, I feature my outfit of the day (OOTD), beauty, and I love traveling, I will soon write about travel too. Especially, I love to think, hereby I’d also like to share with my readers my opinions on particular subjects, for ex. living, love…:)

Hope you enjoy and come back.

Trúc Viên

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